Simultaneous Implant Exchange with Fat (SIEF)

SIEF - Boston Breast Implants - sief
For women desiring complete implant removal but are concerned about the way their breasts will look afterwards, Dr. Del Vecchio has created the SIEF procedure in which he removes implants and allows you to maintain breast volume by injecting your own fat instead. This occurs all in one procedure that typically takes 1 ½ - 2 hours. The SIEF procedure is done under general anesthesia. During the first part of the procedure the implants removed. Next, fat is obtained by liposuctioning unwanted areas of fat. You can discuss with the Dr. Del Vecchio the exact areas where you want the fat to be taken during your consultation. The typical areas include the abdomen, inner thighs, arms and back. Finally, the fat is placed directly into the breast tissue through two small 10 mm incisions.


SIEF 1          SIEF 2          SIEF 3
Dr. Del Vecchio has been internationally recognized by the plastic surgery community with this innovative technique. The first and only paper describing this technique by Dr. Del Vecchio has been awarded paper of the year by the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal. To read this award-winning paper click here.
Feel free to view our patient video testimonials and our before-and-after online photo gallery to see the amazing results that Dr. Del Vecchio has been able to obtain with the SIEF procedure.

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