Patient Testimonials

Suzanne - Breast Revision

Breast Augmentation Patient Testimonials | Boston Breast Implants - SuzannaAmato"Hi! I’m Suzanne Amato. I came to Dr. Del Vecchio approximately two years ago after I had breast augmentation overseas that caused problems that left me with multiple surgeries just to try to get my breasts to look and feel normal. I came to Dr. Del Vecchio to see if he could possibly remove some of the scar tissue that was causing me such pain and replace my implants.
Dr. Del Vecchio told me about the option of fat grafting and how this could be a way for me to remove my implants altogether and replace them with my own fat. This was the first time I had heard of this and was curious and nervous at the same time. I wanted to get rid of the pain that I was experiencing when working out at the gym or doing certain movements that bothered me, but I was nervous about the procedure. I am very thorough with my research and Dr. Del Vecchio was extremely patient with me. He explained the procedure and answering all of my questions to the point where I felt comfortable. I actually had three consultations with him because I had so many questions and he saw me each time and did not even charge me for the additional consultations. He took as much time as I needed to help me in my decision making and was very honest and made me feel comfortable. He educated me, but did not pressure into surgery.
In the end, I was the one that made the decision to replace my implants with fat and I felt positive about it.  I finally decided to schedule my surgery. I followed all of Dr. Del Vecchio’s instructions. His staff was great, and by the time I was ready for my surgery I was excited. Two years later I am thrilled with my results. I no longer have pain from the scar tissue that I had. My breasts are exactly the size that Dr. Del Vecchio told me they would be. They are just a little bit smaller than with my implants. They are round and natural. I get many compliments about what great breasts I have. They look and feel better in clothes than prior to my surgery. They are a good size but natural and not so high and definitely not hard the way they were before.
I would absolutely recommend this surgery for someone that does not want implants but would like to increase their breast size. For someone like me who has experienced problems with implants but still wants larger breasts, I know firsthand that fat grafting is a great alternative to implants. Also, as far as doctors go, Dr. Del Vecchio is a pioneer in fat grafting and I learned this with all of the research that I did before scheduling my surgery. I trust Dr. Del Vecchio implicitly and am very happy with the decision I made." 

Maria - Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation Patient Testimonials | Boston Breast Implants - Haber_Photo
"My name is Maria and I came to see Dr. DelVecchio because I was unhappy with my previous plastic surgery. After our consultation I left feeling extremely comfortable and I was so excited about our plan! It's been one year since my surgery and my breasts look amazing! I would definitely recommend Dr. D to anyone interested in getting A breast augmentation!”

Angel - Breast Augmentation


Beth - Breast Reconstruction

Breast Augmentation Patient Testimonials | Boston Breast Implants - Levine_Photo"I am a 56 year old physician who was diagnosed with an extensive invasive breast cancer in 2010. Even though I had been diligent in having regular mammograms, the tumor had not been detected. The radiologist, a colleague of mine, had told me the previous year that I should have an MRI the next year instead of just a mammogram. This was because I had dense breast tissue. What a shock when he called me and said I had tumor in 3 quadrants of my breast! I had to undergo a mastectomy and 30 radiation treatments. I had never been a vain woman, but the mutilation distressed me as much as the cancer diagnosis. I was referred by a local plastic surgeon to an internationally recognized and respected plastic surgeon in my region of the country. This surgeon performed a free TRAM flap on me 6 months after the completion of my radiation. I had partial flap failure requiring emergency surgery and eventually 3 additional revisions including 2 implants behind the flap (the first was too small as was the second). My result was still extremely inadequate. When he told me that I should have my other breast reduced, I decided that it was time I find another surgeon.
After much research and consultations with other plastic surgeons, I felt that autologous fat transfer (AFT) was my best option. When I called Dr. Del Vecchio he told me on the phone exactly what was wrong with my result without even having seen my pictures. My flap was not wide enough, and it was sitting too high on the chest wall. He was absolutely right! I immediately decided to fly the 900 miles to Boston to see him. In October of 2012, he performed my first large volume fat transfer. I was absolutely amazed at the results! The reconstructed breast now actually looked very similar to the natural breast! I was overjoyed to say the least! Dr. Del Vecchio thought he could improve it even more, so in April of 2013 he performed another AFT as well as a percutaneous aponeurotomy and lipo-filling (PALF) which is a procedure that brings the breast down on the chest wall. My breasts now had a symmetrical appearance!
I cannot begin to say enough good things about Dr. Del Vecchio! He has been extremely kind and caring to me. He is very approachable if I have a question. He is not intimidated by me being a physician. He gives me his honest opinion and does what is appropriate. This is the way it should be .His confidence in what results he can produce has been very comforting to me, and I trust him implicitly. Even though I have a cancer diagnosis, I no longer feel mutilated. I look at myself in the mirror every morning and think how lucky I am to have found him. I feel like Dr. Del Vecchio has given me a second chance. Second chances are certainly hard to come by!"
- Beth, M.D. 

Janet - Breast Lift

Breast Augmentation Patient Testimonials | Boston Breast Implants - Janet_Breast_Lift"Me llamo Janet y me hice un levantamiento de senos con el Dr. Del Vecchio. Estuve una experiencia muy buena. Cuando fui a la oficina, me sentí muy cómoda con el doctor luego decidí tener la cirugía. Después de la cirugía me sentí muy bien, muy cómoda, no tuve problemas ninguno solamente uno de los puntos estuvo todavía ha trabajado en el seno y el Dr. Del Vecchio pudo sacarlo.
Y todo estuvo muy bien. Estoy muy complacida con el trabajo del Dr. Del Vecchio complacida con los staff y con toda la atención médica que él"

Breast Lift

"I met with Dr. Del Vecchio and after careful examination he said he could do a breast lift. I was very interested in the way he explained the procedure. He was also going to do a tummy tuck to remove excess fat and smooth out my stomach and fix my belly button. I could tell from listening to him he already knew what the results would look like before it was even done. His staff made all the"
B. 68 yo

Breast Augmentation w/ Fat Transfer

"Dr Daniel Del Vecchio is a skilled surgeon who is a pioneer in a revolutionary fat-transfer breast augmentation procedure. I am someone who is extremely particular when it comes to medical care. When you are considering plastic surgery,it is crucial to pick someone who has the expertise, experience and ability to create a pleasing aesthetic. I was nervous going into the surgery, but one-month later, I am very pleased with the outcome and I woud definitely recommend Dr. Del Vecchio to anyone considering plastic surgery. Particularly, if anyone is considering natural breast augmentation."

Breast Augmentation

"I chose Dr. Del Vecchio due to a referral. A friend of mine had surgery less than 2 years ago and had nothing but good things to say. When I first went to the beautiful office on Newbury Street, Boston, I was already impressed. The staff are young, pleasant and honest females that talked to me about what I was having done, giving their own opinions. I never had to wait more than 10 minutes for my appointments, and I was always seen when it was accommodating with my schedule. I went in twice before my surgery, and three times after (1 week, 3 weeks and 3 months). The surgery itself was quick and relatively easy. Obviously, the few days after the surgery are rough, but it was all to be expected. My results are incredible, I have no regrets at all and I never once doubted Dr. Del Vecchio's skills and professionalism. I would absolutely recommend him for breast augmentation surgery!"

Breast Lift

"I just had breast surgery this August by Dr. Del Vecchio and all I have to say is that this man performeed a miracle, I knew that he was very special in his field from the first day that I met him, and he said,'talk to me like you would talk to your friends" so I did and here I am 6 weeks later a new women.I go to Fla most of the winter and I had checked out "the best of the best" but you know Dr.D was better, I have the boobs to prove it. So if your looking for the overly helpful staff with the exotic water bubbler in there office, go to Palm Beach Fla. that's what you'll get, but If your'e looking for an office staff that will answere all those questions that one has before surgery, that's what you will get from Dr.D staff! I felt like we were all friends,very special lady's during this time of need, I really appreciate it! So Thank You once again Dr.Daniel Del Vecchio, you've change my life and I feel beautiful and Oh Ya, VERY SEXY!"

Breast Augmentation

"I recently had a breast augmentation performed by Dr. Del Vecchio, and I am extremely happy with my results. Dr. Del Vecchio is knowledgeable, honest, and a true expertise in his field. He spent his time with me during my appointments, and I never felt rushed. All of my questions and concerns were addressed. The office staff is very friendly, courteous, and helpful. Dr. Del Vecchio is a incredibly talented plastic surgeon. I would recommend him to anyone."

Breast Augmentation

"I received excellent results from Dr. Del Vecchio at Back Bay plastic Surgery. I had breast augmentation and I could not have been happier with my results. From the moment I entered the office on Newbury Street for a consultation I was very impressed. His staff is extremely professional and kind. I was very comfortable and relaxed with everyone which made me feel confident in getting the procedure done with Dr. Del Vecchio. Dr. Del Vecchio was spoken very highly by many people that have worked with him. He could not have done a better job on my breasts. He made the procedure painless. The results were great, the recovery was easy, I would recommend to anyone they could trust that Dr. Del Vecchio would do the best work possible for them." 
- KW

Breast Revision

"My surgery involved the removal of two ruptured silicon breast implants. I was undecided as to whether I would have them replaced. My research of the possible problems with ruptured silicon implants alerted me to the potential of ending up with asymmetrical breasts, not to mention the introduction of silicon into the body. My inquiry also indicated that surgeons with extensive experience with my type of surgery offered the best chance of avoiding such complications.
I researched numerous physicians in the New England area and did not feel comfortable with their approach to my problem: they either did not want to do the surgery or they could offer me only one type of replacement implant or they could not perform the procedure within my time frame. During my consultations with other surgeons, I felt they had a dismissive attitude toward my concerns.
But upon my first consultation with Dr. Del Vecchio, I knew he was the surgeon I had been looking for. He listened to my concerns and asked me several questions before he carefully explained my options. His expertise and calming demeanor convinced me he was the one I would trust with my surgery, and I could not be happier with the results and the level of care I received from him. My bust line is symmetrical with a natural contour, and my clothes have never looked better on me.
Prior to the operation, he explained what I would experience before and after surgery so there were no surprises. In fact, he phoned me the night of the surgery to see how I was doing.  His expert care was complemented by his friendly and experienced staff who were always available if I had any questions. From the first time I walked into his tastefully appointed office, he and his staff made me feel at ease.
This surgery was such a positive experience that I decided to have Dr. Del Vecchio perform a blepharoplasty months after my breast surgery. Once again, the results were amazing. I look 20 years younger and no longer need the lightening cosmetics to disguise dark circles under my eyes. I am delighted with the results of both surgeries and if I ever decide to have another cosmetic procedure, without a doubt Dr. Del Vecchio will be my surgeon."
- EZ